8 Amazingly Unique Gifts For Hunters

Are you buying a gift for a hunter this year and don’t feel like shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new gun or bow that they’ll probably return because it just wasn’t the right one? Well the below list of 22 unique gifts for hunters will probably be able to help you out. Filled with hunting themed decor, cool and unique weapons that they probably don’t have yet, and just unusual knick-knacks every hunter will probably want, these unique gifts for hunters will surely help you along in your long list of gifts to buy this year. 

1.) Super Bright Baseball Bat Torch

The baseball bat flashlight is pretty much what it looks and sounds like, a flashlight that’s the size of a baseball bat that can be used to see in the dark or beat someone or something senseless. Although probably not so great at hitting baseballs.


2.) Tactical Knife With Flashlight

There’s nothing better than hunting humans bears in the middle of the night armed Simply by a knife. No longer will you have to hold a flashlight in one hand and a knife in the other to find the human-bear. This knife doubles as a flashlight so you can see right into the human’s bear’s eyes as you pierce through their heart.


3.) World's Okayest Hunter Coffee Mug

You’re not the greatest hunter in the world. You know it, your friends know it, and your family knows it, which is probably why you just received this coffee mug for Christmas.


4.) Giant Shotgun Shell Coasters

Why place your beer on some fancy coasters your wife picked out for your home when you could place your manly beer on a manly coaster that looks like a shotgun shell?


5.)  Truck Hitch Toilet Seat

When nature calls you don’t know where you’ll be or where the nearest bathroom will be. Sure you could lean up against a tree and risk falling into your own dump, or simply drop trow where you stand and risk pooping into your own pants on the ground. A better and safer way would be to attach a toilet to the hitch of your truck and poop like a true gentleman would in the woods.


6.) Bear Paw Serving Bowl

This Bear Paw serving bowl looks just like a bear's paw, and you can tell people that you sliced it off the beast yourself as you were out in the wilderness by yourself twiddling your handlebar mustache, widdling your own log cabin out of a single redwood tree when a 2000 lb grizzly bear approaches you. But in reality you were in your mom's basement, with the lights turned off with just the glow of your computer screen to keep your crusty eyes open, a half bag of Cheetos lays to the side of the monitor, as you click the buy button.


7.) Ultra Rugged Portable Charger

If you’re looking for a portable battery to charge your phone while out hunting, look no further. This battery is so durable that it can be dropped off a bridge, ran over by an SUV, thrown into a river, and shot by a shotgun, and is still able to charge your phone or tablet.


8.) Giant Swiss Army Knife

Fully equipped with a toe-nail clipper, mineral crystal magnifier, a laser pointer, a flashlight, a compass, a shoe spike wrench, a chain rivet setter, along with plenty more, this behemoth of a Swiss army knife is perfect for hunters, collectors, someone who is constantly in a state of emergency, or one of those annoying people who's always prepared for everything. If you're in need of a tool and you can't find it here, you're doing it wrong.


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