10 Super-Fun Products You Definitely Need Every Summer

Now that winter is over and most parts of the world are already starting to experience the hot humid days, here is a list of the best summertime fun products you can use during the summer months. They have been developed to help you keep your family time fresh and happy. 

1. GoPro Camera Mount - Full Face Snorkeling Mask

It's not summer unless your swimming! Explore the magic of the underwater world with the best snorkel mask on the market. This is an innovative snorkeling mask (surface snorkeling) enabling you to SEE and BREATHE UNDERWATER just like on DRY LAND! Discovery of the underwater world becomes even more accessible. See and breathe underwater as easily as you would on land. 


2. 4 Person Dome Tent

Make memories camping this summer. They will never forget those times snuggled by the fire with the entire family telling stores and enjoying life. This pop-up tent is easy to put together and one of the most durable on the market. And at the price, you can't past this one up.  

3. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

If you're at the beach or camping or just taking a shower after a long summer day, you'll need the waterproof speaker. This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker can stream music favorite playlists from smartphone straight to the speaker. Don't even need to jump out to change the song, all the buttons needed right on the speaker. Enjoying hand-free call automatically pairs your device with the speaker when it is in range of the speaker.

4. Giant Inflatable Beach Ball Sprinkler

Keep your kids cool while they have a blast this summer with our award-winning 88" Beach Ball Sprinkler.  It's not just for the beach-- it's for the yard, the park-- anywhere your kids want to keep cool and have fun!  Our Beach Ball Sprinkler connects to your standard garden hose and can either remain stationary or be rolled around as it shoots tons of water out of 4 sprayers.  Just inflate the ball, attach it to your garden hose, and let the fun begin!  The kids can kick the ball, throw the ball, or roll the ball, as it sprays out water.  Or you can fill the reservoir at the bottom of the ball to keep it from moving.   Guaranteed to provide hours of fun this summer for the whole family! 

5. Unbreakable Wine Glass

Come on, let's face it... It's 5 o'clock somewhere and its time for a drink. A wine glass that will never shatter, which is why we call it the Unbreakable Wine Glass :)Take it anywhere with you, it folds and bends as much as you like. Perfect for those messy parties you don't want to bring out your best glassed :) Made of Silicon, this indestructible glass will change your life! 

6. Bone Conduction Sunglasses


Be Awesome. Wear The Beats! Your sunglasses should look great and SOUND great this summer. These Bone Conduction Sunglasses use a cooling technology called bone conduction to transmit audio to your brain. Bone conduction is a way of sound conduction which transfers sound waves through Cranium, bony labyrinth, inner ear lymph fluid, auditory nerve, auditory center. We can hear the sound using bone conduction every day.


7. Insta Hangout Sofa

Relax anywhere with our popular inflatable "Lazy Lounger" for the outdoors, festivals,  beach chilling, and camping. An inflatable lounging chair suitable for use anywhere, inside or out. The Lazy Lounger is lightweight and durable. Available in assorted colors, the Lazy Lounger is made of strengthened nylon fabric outside and a durable inner plastic lining. Strong plastic clips at the end to hold the air inside.  

8. Foldable Selfie Drone

Perfect for selfies! Capture all your favorite moments from every angle with this NEW drone. Out with the old annoying selfie stick and in with the new selfie drone! The 40m control distance offers you the awesome bird's-eye view.   


9. Flashing Heel skate Shoes

Fun high-quality adjustable heel skate - just wear it over your shoes and start rolling! Adjust, strap in, and GO! Classic heel skates with flashing rollers wheels. Wheels flash with movement without needing batteries. Fits most shoes from children to adults. Cool skate wheels for every age group! 

10. Lumi Mini HD Projector

Turn any space into a theater. Finally a tiny, portable projector that turns any space into a full-blown home theater with an image up to 220 inches diagonally! Immerse yourself into lifelike image sizes. It's perfect for movies, gaming and even suitable for business presentations!  The Lumi HD Pro 2.0 is a complete home entertainment system that connects to all your devices and is small enough to fit in your bag. Forget crowding around your tiny laptop screen or TV!

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